Dr. Oliver Stefani

PhD, engineer



Stefani, O; Cajochen, C

Should We Re-think Regulations and Standards for Lighting at Workplaces? A Practice Review on Existing Lighting Recommendations Journal Article

Frontiers in psychiatry, 12 , 2021.

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Stefani, O; Freyburger, M; Veitz, S; Basishvili, T; Meyer, M; Weibel, J; Kobayashi, K; Shirakawa, Y; Cajochen, C

Changing color and intensity of LED lighting across the day impacts on circadian melatonin rhythms and sleep in healthy men Journal Article

Journal of Pineal Research, 70 , 2020.

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Münch, M; Wirz-Justice, A; Brown, S A; Kantermann, T; Martiny, K; Stefani, O; Vetter, C; Jr, Wright K P; Wulff, K; Skene, D J

The Role of Daylight for Humans: Gaps in Current Knowledge Journal Article

Clocks & Sleep, 2020.

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Aderneuer, T; Stefani, O; Fernandez, O; Cajochen, C; Ferrini, R

Circadian tuning with metameric white light: Visual and non-visual aspects Journal Article Forthcoming


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Knoop, M; Stefani, O; Bueno, B; Matusiak, B; Hobday, R; Wirz-Justice, A; Martiny, K; Kantermann, T; Aarts, M P J; Zemmouri, N; Appeltk, S; Norton, B

Daylight: What makes the difference? Journal Article

Lighting Research & Technology, 2019.

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Spitschan, M; Stefani, O; Blattner, P; Gronfier, C; Lockley, S W; Lucas, R J

How to Report Light Exposure in Human Chronobiology and Sleep Research Experiments Journal Article

Clocks Sleep, 2019.

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Pollmann, K; Stefani, O; Bengsch, A; Peissner, M; Vukelić, M

How to Work in the Car of the Future?: A Neuroergonomical Study Assessing Concentration, Performance and Workload Based on Subjective, Behavioral and Neurophysiological Insights. Journal Article

pp. 14, 2019, ISBN: 978-1-4503-5970-2.

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Cajochen, C; Freyburger, M; Basishvili, T; Garbazza, C; Rudzik, F; Renz, C; Kobayashi, K; Shirakawa, Y; Stefani, O; Weibel, J

Effect of daylight LED on visual comfort, melatonin, mood, waking performance and sleep Journal Article


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Schöllhorn, I; Pross, A; Braun, M; Seiler, K; Stefani, O

Evaluation eines alternierenden Beleuchtungskonzepts in einem Produktionsbetrieb Conference

Frühjahrskongress 2019, Dresden GfA, Dortmund (Hrsg.) 2019, ISBN: 978-3-936804-25-6.

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