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Publications by Vivien Bromundt

Garbazza, C.; Bromundt, V.; Eckert, A.; Brunner, D.P.; Meier, F.; Hackethal, S.; Cajochen, C.

Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder Revisited - A Case Study

Front Neurol. 2016 Feb 29;7:17 doi: 10.3389/fneur.2016.00017, 2016.

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vanderLely, S.; Frey, S.; Garbazza, C.; Wirz-Justice, A.; Jenni, O. G.; Steiner, R.; Wolf, S.; Cajochen, C.; Bromundt, V.; Schmidt, C.

Blue blocker glasses as a countermeasure for alerting effects of evening light-emitting diode screen exposure in male teenagers

J Adolesc Health, doi: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2014.08.002, 56(1), pp. 113-119, 2015.

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Bromundt, V.

Störungen des Schlaf-Wach-Rhythmus bei psychiatrischen Erkrankungen

Therapeutische Umschau, 71 (11), pp. 663-669, 2014.

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Bromundt, V.; Frey, S.; Odermatt, J.; Cajochen, C.

Extraocular light via the ear canal does not acutely affect human circadian physiology, alertness and psychomotor vigilance performance

Chronobiology International, early online, pp. 1-6, 2013.

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Monti, J.M.; BaHammam, A.S.; Pandi-Perumal, S.R.; Bromundt, V.; Spence, D.W.; Cardinali, D.P.; Brown, G.M.

Sleep and circadian rhythm dysregulation in schizophrenia

Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry 43, 209-216, 2013.

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Wirz-Justice, A.; Bromundt, V.

Lichttherapie (Review)

Schlaf 2, 20-29, 2013.

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Muench, M.; Bromundt, V.

Light and chronobiology: implications for health and disease

Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience 14(4), 448-453, 2012.

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Bromundt, V.; Wirz-Justice, A.; Kyburz, S.; Opwis, K.; Dammann, G.; Cajochen, C.

Circadian sleep-wake cycles, well-being, and light therapy in Borderline Personality Disorder

Journal of Personality Disorders, 26. doi: 10.1521/pedi_2012_26_057, 2012.

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Bromundt, V.; Köster, M.; Georgiev-Kill, A.; Opwis, K.; Wirz-Justice, A.; Stoppe, G.; Cajochen, C.

Sleep-wake cycles and cognitive functioning in schizophrenia.

Br J Psychiatry, epub 10.1192/bjp.bp.110.078022, 2011.

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Gompper, B.; Bromundt, V.; Orgül, S.; Flammer, J.; Kräuchi, K.

Phase relationship between skin temperature and sleep-wake rhythms in women with vascular dysregulation and controls under real-life conditions.

Chronobiol Int. 27(9-10):1778-96., 2010.

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Wirz-Justice, A.; Bromundt, V.; Cajochen, C.

Circadian disruption and psychiatric disorders: The importance of entrainment.

Sleep Med Clin, 4: 273-284., 2009.

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