Dr. Martin Meyer

MD, Clinical Research Physician



Weibel, J; Lin, Y -S; Landolt, H -P; Berthomier, C; Brandenwinder, M; Kistler, J; Rehm, S; Rentsch, K; Meyer, M; Borgwardt, S; Cajochen, C; Reichert, C F

Regular caffeine intake delays REM sleep promotion and attenuates sleep quality in healthy men Journal Article

Journal of Biological Rhythms, 2021.

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Lin, Y -S; Weibel, J; Landolt, H; Santini, F; Meyer, M; Brunmair, J; Meyer-Menches, S; gerner, C; Borgwardt, S; Cajochen, C; Reichert, C F

Daily Caffeine Intake Induces Concentration-Dependent Medial Temporal Plasticity in Humans: A Multimodal Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial Journal Article

Cerebral Cortex, 2021.

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Stefani, O; Freyburger, M; Veitz, S; Basishvili, T; Meyer, M; Weibel, J; Kobayashi, K; Shirakawa, Y; Cajochen, C

Changing color and intensity of LED lighting across the day impacts on circadian melatonin rhythms and sleep in healthy men Journal Article

Journal of Pineal Research, 70 , 2020.

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Reichert, C F; Veitz, S; Bühler, M; Gruber, G; Deuring, G; S. S. Rehm, Rentsch K; Garbazza, C; Meyer, M; Slawik, H; Lin, Y -S; Weibel, J

Wide awake at bedtime? The effects of caffeine on sleep and circadian timing in teenagers - a randomized crossover trial. Journal Article

Biochemical Pharmacology, 2020.

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Martinez-Nicolas, A; Meyer, M; Hunkler, S; Madrid, J A; Rol, M A; Meyer, A H; Schötzau, A; Orgül, S; Kräuchi, K

Daytime variation in ambient temperature affects skin temperatures and blood pressure: Ambulatory winter/summer comparison in healthy young women Journal Article

Physiol Behav., 149 , pp. 203-211, 2015.

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