Dr. Christine Blume

PhD, Psychologist



Blume, C; Schmidt, Marlene H; Cajochen, C

Effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on human sleep and rest-activity rhythms Journal Article

Current Biology, 2020.

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Angerer, M; Schabus, M; Raml, M; Pichler, G; Kunz, A B; Scarpatetti, M; Trinka, E; Blume, C

Actigraphy in brain-injured patients – A valid measurement for assessing circadian rhythms? Journal Article

BMC Medicine, 2020.

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Blume, C; Schabus, M

Perspective: Daylight Saving Time—An Advocacy for a Balanced View and against Fanning Fear Journal Article

Clocks & Sleep, 2020.

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Blume, C; Hauser, T; Winkler, T; Heib, PJ D; Gruber, WR.; Schabus, M

“How does Austria sleep?” self-reported sleep habits and complaints in an online survey Journal Article

Sleep Breath, 2019.

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Blume, C; Garbazza, C; Spitschan, M

Effects of light on human circadian rhythms, sleep and mood Journal Article

Somnologie Berl, 2019.

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