Dr. Christine Blume

PhD, Psychologist

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Wislowska, M; Klimesch, W; Jensen, O; Blume, C; Schabus, M

Sleep-specific processing of auditory stimuli is reflected by alpha and sigma oscillations Journal Article Forthcoming

Journal of Neuroscience, Forthcoming.


Angerer, M; Schabus, M; Pichler, G; Angerer, B; Scarpatetti, M; Blume, C

From Dawn to Dusk – Mimicking Natural Daylight Exposure Improves Circadian Rhythm Entrainment in Patients with Severe Brain Injury Journal Article

SLEEP, 2022.

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Angerer, M; Wilhelm, F H; Liedlgruber, M; Pichler, G; Angerer, B; Scarpatetti, M; Blume, C; Schabus, M

Does the Heart Fall Asleep? - Diurnal Variations of Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Disorders of Consciousness. Journal Article

Brain Sciences, 2022.

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Ameen, M S; Heib, D P J; Blume, C; Schabus, M

The brain selectively tunes to unfamiliar voices during sleep Journal Article

Journal of Neuroscience, 2022.

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Blume, C; Schoch, S F; Vienneau, D; Röösli, M; Kohler, M; Moeller, A; Kurth, S; Usemann, J

Association of transportation noise with sleep during the first year of life: a longitudinal study Journal Article

Environmental Research, 2021.

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Bahr, A; Blume, C; Eichhorn, K; Kubon, S

With #IchBinHanna, German academia protests against a law that forces researchers out Journal Article

Nature Human Behaviour, 2021.

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Wielek, T; Blume, C; Wislowska, M; del Giudice, R; Schabus, M

Decoding brain responses to names and voices across different vigilance states Journal Article

Sensors, 2021.

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Blume, C; Cajochen, C

‘SleepCycles’ package for R - A free software tool for the detection of sleep cycles from sleep staging Journal Article

MethodsX, 2021.

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Spitschan, M; Schmidt, Marlene H; Blume, C

Transparency and open science principles in reporting guidelines in sleep research and chronobiology journals Journal Article

Wellcome Open Research, 2020.

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Blume, C; Schmidt, Marlene H

When the girdle of social timing relaxes: Effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on human sleep Journal Article

The Science Breaker, 2020.

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Blume, C; Schmidt, Marlene H; Cajochen, C

Effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on human sleep and rest-activity rhythms Journal Article

Current Biology, 2020.

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Angerer, M; Schabus, M; Raml, M; Pichler, G; Kunz, A B; Scarpatetti, M; Trinka, E; Blume, C

Actigraphy in brain-injured patients – A valid measurement for assessing circadian rhythms? Journal Article

BMC Medicine, 2020.

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Blume, C; Schabus, M

Perspective: Daylight Saving Time—An Advocacy for a Balanced View and against Fanning Fear Journal Article

Clocks & Sleep, 2020.

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