Isabel Schöllhorn

PhD student, Optometry



Schöllhorn, I.; Stefani, O.; Luca, R. J; M. Spitschan,; Epple, C.; Cajochen, C.

The Impact of Pupil Constriction on the Relationship Between Melanopic EDI and Melatonin Suppression in Young Adult Males Journal Article

In: Journal of Biological Rhythms, 2024.

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Blume, C.; Cajochen, C.; Schöllhorn, I.; Slawik, H. C.; Spitschan, M.

Effects of calibrated blue–yellow changes in light on the human circadian clock Journal Article

In: Nature Human Behaviour, 2023.

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Schöllhorn, I.; Stefani, O.; Blume, C.; Cajochen, C.

Seasonal Variation in the Responsiveness of the Melanopsin System to Evening Light: Why We Should Report Season When Collecting Data in Human Sleep and Circadian Studies Journal Article

In: Clocks & Sleep, 2023.

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Weng, M.; Schöllhorn, I.; Kazhura, M.; Cardini, B.; Stefani, O.

Impact of Evening Light Exposures with Different Solid Angles on Circadian Melatonin Rhythms, Alertness, and Visual Comfort in an Automotive Setting Journal Article

In: Clocks & Sleep, vol. 4, no. 4, pp. 607-622, 2022, ISSN: 2624-5175.

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Cajochen, C.; Stefani, O.; Schöllhorn, I.; Lang, D.; Chellappa, S.

Influence of evening light exposure on polysomnographically assessed night-time sleep: A systematic review with meta-analysis Journal Article

In: Lighting Research & Technology, vol. 54, pp. 609-654, 2022.

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