Research Facilities


The Centre for Chronobiology in Basel, Switzerland has facilities and equipment to conduct both ambulatory field and laboratory studies. Our chronological facilities were designed in collaboration with Kläy & Weber AG architects, Basel (CH).

Facilities include:

  • room_single_5_web
    Five fully equipped suites to carry out constant routine protocols for intensive physiological monitoring. For nearly twenty years we have utilized the constant routine protocol (with different variations) in order to be able to unmask the endogenous circadian component of various thermoregulatory, neuroendocrine, EEG, performance and behavioral rhythms controlled by the circadian pacemaker. By scheduling a night’s sleep before and after the constant routine, we can also study sleep regulation without confounding postural or environmental influences.
  • One “chrono” apartment for longterm studies (e.g. forced desynchrony protocols etc.)



  • Fully digitized recorders for polysomnography (each: 28 channel-EEG, respiration, ECG, galvanic skin response, EMG, EOG, markers for evoked potentials etc.)
  • Fully digitized recorders for body temperatures (different skin temperatures and core body temperature)
  • Different analysis software for EEG spectral analysis and the analysis of autonomous parameters (i.e. heart rate variability, temperatures etc.)
  • Ibuttons to record skin temperatures in an ambulatory setting
  • Actimetry devices to record wrist activity/light exposure
  • CANTAB neurocognitive test battery and other neurobehavioral test batteries
  • Monochromatic light devices
  • Bright light devices for therapeutic use
  • Assays for melatonin and cortisol measures
  • Cell based assays to correlate human circadian behavior with clock function