Further Reading

Sleep deprivation and light therapy

Recent meta-analyses of light therapy for non-seasonal major depression:
Cochrane Review 2004 (PDF) and Golden et al, American Journal of Psychiatry 2005 (PDF) – suggest that light treatment is not limited to winter depression.

Capsule Critical Review of Novel Applications for Light Therapy: A Cet Special Clinical Review, 2008 (DOC)

Biological rhythms and depression: treatment opportunities. WPA Bulletin on Depression 2008; 13/36: 5-8 (PDF)

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Brightening. Letter to Science (PDF)

Perspectives in Science and Society

Chronobiology applications: Nature Editorial (PDF), Nature Restless nights (PDF)

The rhythms of rest and excess. Russell Foster and Katharina Wulff Nature Reviews Neuroscience (2005) 6: 407-414 (PDF)

Chronobiology Book

By Russell Foster and Leon Kreitzman, “Rhythms of Life: The Biological Clocks that Control the Daily Lives of Every Living Thing” (PDF)

Chronobiology and Psychiatry

Take Light, Not Drugs; How light therapy can treat disorders from depression to Alzheimer’s disease. Article in Nautilus, March 2014 (PDF)


Explanations of various technical terms in Chronobiology can be retrieved here.