Excerpts from the press

Life in the dark: In an article in Schweiz am Wochenende (German), Prof. Dr. Christian Cajochen discusses the influence of genetics on the response to dark winters, and explains the impact of an awareness of the importance of (day-)light (3.12.2022).

Blue LEDs Light Up Your Brain, Scientific American November 2016

Dynamic light: the topic in the Swiss construction newspaper TEC21 from 28.08.2016.

Saturday interview with Prof. Cajochen, The Confederation, 16.05.2015 1. Teil Cajochen1 2. Teil Cajochen2

Reporting NVS Assembly, NVS Magazine May 2016, NVS-Mitgliederversammlung-2016

UNI NOVA, Special Issue Sleep, May 2016:  English          Deutsch

“Incorrectly timed”, contribution by Peter Spork in Bild der Wissenschaft 1/2012

In Eyes, a Clock Calibrated by Wavelengths of Light by Laura Beil in New York Times Published: July 4, 2011   page 1   and  page 2

Why do we need to sleep? from Christian Cajochen in UniNova 115, September 2010

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