Basel Seminar Series on Circadian Rhythms and Sleep

Talks by our members and invited guests take place thursdays 4-5 pm CET, if not indicated otherwise. Due to COVID-19, all talks will take place online until further notice. In case you would like to join, please register here.

Everyone is welcome to join!

Die Vorträge finden üblicherweise donnerstags statt, 16-17 Uhr, falls nicht anders angegeben. Wegen des Coronavirus finden sie bis auf Weiteres online statt. Falls Sie teilnehmen möchten, registrieren Sie sich bitte hier.

Jede/r ist willkommen!


Date Speaker Title of talk
30th September Prof. Besedovsky (Ludwig-Maximillian University Munich, Germany) The relevance of sleep for our immune system
7th October Prof. Erren and Dr. Lewis (University of Cologne, Germany) PLICCS & Cancer: Can disease “start” with perinatal light?
21st October  Dr. Schmidt (Universite de Liege, Belgium) Impact of sleep-wake regulation and age on brain structure and function
04th November 10-11 am Dr. Tarokh (University of Bern, Switzerland) Sleep regulation and neurophysiology in adolescence: Implications for mental health.
18th November Different speakers Symposium “Sleep homeostasis: role of adenosine and caffeine”
2nd December Dr. Upadhyay (FMI Basel, Switzerland) Molecular mechanisms of a developmental clock in C. elegans
16th December Dr. Bjorness (UT Southwestern Dallas, USA) Bi-directional interaction between sleep disturbance and cocaine reward
24th February 22 Dr. Renske Lok (Stanford University) Non-image forming effects of light on alertness and sleep