Gunnar Deuring

Psychologist, Biostatistician

Dipl.-Psych. (MSc Psychology) Gunnar Deuring is rooted in clinical psychophysiology (ambulatory assessment) and specialized in developing and programming solutions for acquisition, management, analysis, and visualization of data in human biological/clinical research. Following his graduation in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) he gathered broad experience in collecting and analyzing peripheral and electrophysiological data, as well as behavioral/cognitive psychological data in the fields of chronobiology (Centre for Chronobiology Basel), clinical psychiatry (Center for Affective, Stress, and Sleep Disorders at University Psychiatric Clinics Basel, UPK), forensic psychiatry & insurance medicine (UPK), as well as psychosomatic medicine and oncology (University Medical Center Freiburg im Br., University Hospital Basel).