Dr. Manuel Spitschan

PhD, psychologist



Spitschan, M; Garbazza, C; Kohl, S; Cajochen, C

Sleep and circadian phenotype in people without cone-mediated vision: a case series of five CNGB3 and two CNGA3 patients Journal Article

Brain Communications, 2021.

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Spitschan, M; Schmidt, Marlene H; Blume, C

Transparency and open science principles in reporting guidelines in sleep research and chronobiology journals Journal Article

Wellcome Open Research, 2020.

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Spitschan, M; Lazar, R; Yetik, E; Cajochen, C

No evidence for an S cone contribution to acute neuroendocrine and alerting responses to light Journal Article

Current Biology, 2019.

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Spitschan, M; Cajochen, C

Binocular facilitation in light-mediated melatonin suppression? Journal Article

J Pineal Res, 2019.

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Spitschan, M; Lazar, R; Cajochen, C

Visual and non-visual properties of filters manipulating short-wavelength light Journal Article

Ophthalmic Physiol Opt, 2019.

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Blume, C; Garbazza, C; Spitschan, M

Effects of light on human circadian rhythms, sleep and mood Journal Article

Somnologie Berl, 2019.

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Spitschan, M; Stefani, O; Blattner, P; Gronfier, C; Lockley, S W; Lucas, R J

How to Report Light Exposure in Human Chronobiology and Sleep Research Experiments Journal Article

Clocks Sleep, 2019.

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