Master Projects Autumn term 2020

Currently, we offer four different Master’s projects (5 places) in the field of chronobiology and sleep science at the Centre for Chronobiology (University of Basel, University Psychiatric Clinics Basel). Our research combines different disciplines so that the projects advertised are also suitable for students of different disciplines, including psychology, neuroscience and biology.

Depending on the project, the Master students learn different methods in the field of chronobiology and sleep science in our inter-disciplinary team. Project A deals with temperature regulation and the effects of functional sleepwear during sleep, project B aims at the effects of light therapy and mindfulness on sleep-wake rhythm, project C focuses on the effects of caffeine on human light sensitivity and chronobiological timing, and project D investigates the extent to which changes in light color (e.g., in the night shift mode of electronic devices) play a role in circadian rhythms.

For further information please contact, and We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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