Claritas. Obscuritas Performance

In “Claritas. Obscuritas” we dedicate ourselves to chronobiology and daylight research. The multidisciplinary performance deals with “light” and its effects on humans.

The contemporary ensemble “Nikel” will perform the world premiere of a one-hour interdisciplinary work by the well-known Austrian composer Klaus Lang and the light artist Sabine Maier. In collaboration with the well-known daylight researcher and chronobiologist Prof. em. Anna Wirz-Justice and the Centre for Chronobiology in Basel, we are integrating exciting scientific intermezzi into the performance. Science can be experienced through art and vice versa – an immersive, exciting and innovative performance is guaranteed.

More information here: (Lead: Lukas Loss)

Klaus Lang & Sabine Maier: “Claritas. Obscuritas” for Ensemble Nikel (2024, premiere)

Ensemble “Nikel” (Brian Archinal, Yaron Deutsch, Antoine Françoise, Patrick Stadler)
Researchers from the University of Basel (Fatemeh Fazlali, Noëmi Capdevila, Larissa Wüst, Ann-Sophie Loock, Rafael Lazar), texts
Prof. em. Anna Wirz-Justice, scientific concept

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