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Manconi, M.; van der Gaag, LC.; Mangili, F.; Garbazza, C.; Riccardi, S.; Cajochen, C.; Mondini, S.; Furia, F.; Zambrelli, E.; Baiardi, S.; Giordano, A.; Rizzo, N.; Fonti, C.; Viora, E.; D'Agostino, A.; Cicolin, A.; Cirignotta, F.; study group, Life-ON

Sleep and sleep disorders during pregnancy and postpartum: The Life-ON study. Journal Article

In: Sleep Medicine, vol. 113, pp. 41-48, 2024.

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Strumberger, MA.; Häberling, I.; Emery, S.; Albermann, M.; Baumgartner, N.; Pedrett, C.; Wild, S.; Contin-Waldvogel, B.; Walitza, S.; Berger, G.; Schmeck, K.; Cajochen, C.

Inverse association between slow-wave sleep and low-grade inflammation in children and adolescents with major depressive disorder Journal Article

In: Sleep Medicine, vol. 119, pp. 103-113, 2024.

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Höhn, C.; Hahn, MA.; Gruber, G.; Pletzer, P.; Cajochen, C.; Hoedlmoser, K.

Effects of evening smartphone use on sleep and declarative memory consolidation in male adolescents and young adults Journal Article

In: Brain Commun Brain communications, vol. 6, iss. 3, pp. p.fcae173, 2024.

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Miller, S.; Cajochen, C.; A.Green,; Hanifin, J.; Huss, A.; Karipidis, K.; Loughran, S.; Oftedal, G.; O'Hagan, J.; Sliney, D. H; Croft, R.; van Rongen, E.; Cridland, N.; d'Inzeo, G.; Hirata, A.; Marino, C.; Röösli, M.; S.Watanabe,

ICNIRP Statement on Short Wavelength Light Exposure from Indoor Artificial Sources and Human Health Journal Article

In: Health Physics, 2024.

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Meyer, N.; Lok, R.; Schmidt, C.; Kyle, SD.; CA, CA. McClung; Cajochen, C.; Scheer, FAJL.; Jones, MW.; Chellappa, SL

The sleep-circadian interface: A window into mental disorders Journal Article

In: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., vol. 121, iss. 9, pp. e2214756121, 2024.

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Cajochen, C.; Reichert, CF.; Münch, M.; Gabel, V.; Stefani, O.; Chellappa, SL.; Schmidt, C.

Ultradian sleep cycles: Frequency, duration, and associations with individual and environmental factors-A retrospective study Journal Article

In: Sleep Health, iss. Supplement, no. 1, pp. S52-S62, 2024.

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Schöllhorn, I.; Stefani, O.; Luca, R. J; M. Spitschan,; Epple, C.; Cajochen, C.

The Impact of Pupil Constriction on the Relationship Between Melanopic EDI and Melatonin Suppression in Young Adult Males Journal Article

In: Journal of Biological Rhythms, 2024.

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Blume, C.; Cajochen, C.; Schöllhorn, I.; Slawik, H. C.; Spitschan, M.

Effects of calibrated blue–yellow changes in light on the human circadian clock Journal Article

In: Nature Human Behaviour, 2023.

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Schöllhorn, I.; Stefani, O.; Blume, C.; Cajochen, C.

Seasonal Variation in the Responsiveness of the Melanopsin System to Evening Light: Why We Should Report Season When Collecting Data in Human Sleep and Circadian Studies Journal Article

In: Clocks & Sleep, 2023.

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Schöllhorn, I; Stefani, O; Lucas, R; Spitschan, M; Slawik, H; Cajochen, C.

Melanopic irradiance defines the impact of evening display light on sleep latency, melatonin and alertness Journal Article

In: Communications Biology, iss. 6, no. 228, 2023.

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Lasauskaite, R; Richter, M; Cajochen, C.

Lighting color temperature impacts effort-related cardiovascular response to an auditory short-term memory task Journal Article

In: Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2023.

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Stampfli, J. R.; Schrader, B.; di Battista, C.; Häfliger, R.; Schälli, O.; Wichmann, G.; Zumbühl, C.; Blattner, P.; Cajochen, C.; Lazar, R.; Spitschan, M.

The Light-Dosimeter: A new device to help advance research on the non-visual responses to light Journal Article

In: Lighting Research & Technology, 2023.

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Lin, Y. -S.; Weibel, J.; Landolt, H. -P.; Santini, F.; Slawik, H.; Borgwardt, S.; Cajochen, C.; Reichert, C. F.

Brain activity during a working memory task after daily caffeine intake and caffeine withdrawal: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial. Journal Article

In: Scientific Reports, vol. 13, iss. 1, no. 1002, 2023.

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Münch, M.; Goldbach, R.; Zumstein, N.; Vonmoos, P.; Scartezzini, J. -L.; Wirz-Justice, A.; Cajochen, C.

Preliminary evidence that daily light exposure enhances the antibody response to influenza vaccination in patients with dementia Journal Article

In: Brain, Behavior, & Immunity - Health, vol. 26, pp. 100515, 2022.

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Altena, E.; Baglioni, C.; Sanz-Arigita, E.; Cajochen, C.; Riemann, D.

How to deal with sleep problems during heatwaves: practical recommendations from the European Insomnia Network Journal Article

In: Journal of Sleep Research, pp. e13704, 2022.

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Garbazza, C.; Hackethal, S.; Migliore, E.; D'Agostino, A.; Serrati, C.; Fanti, V.; Riccardi, S.; Baiardi, S.; Cicolin, A.; Borgwardt, S.; Mondini, S.; Cirignotta, F.; Cajochen, C.; Manconi, M.; study group, “Life-ON”

Influence of chronotype on the incidence and severity of perinatal depression in the "Life-ON" study Journal Article

In: Journal of Affective Disorders, vol. 317, pp. 245-255, 2022.

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Blume, C.; Niedernhuber, M.; Spitschan, M.; Slawik, H. C.; Meyer, M. P.; Bekinschtein, T. A.; Cajochen, C.

Melatonin suppression does not automatically alter sleepiness, vigilance, sensory processing, or sleep Journal Article

In: SLEEP, 2022.

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Garbazza, C.; Cirignotta, F.; D'Agostino, A.; Cicolin, A.; Hackethal, S.; Wirz-Justice, A.; Cajochen, C.; Manconi, M.

Sustained remission from perinatal depression after bright light therapy: a pilot randomised, placebo-controlled trial Journal Article

In: Acta Psychiatr Scand, vol. 146, pp. 350–356., 2022.

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Chellappa, S. L.; Bromundt, V.; Frey, S.; Schlote, T.; Goldblum, D.; Cajochen, C.

Cross-sectional study of intraocular cataract lens replacement, circadian rest-activity rhythms, and sleep quality in older adults Journal Article

In: Sleep, vol. 45, no. 4, pp. zsac027, 2022.

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Benedetti, M.; Maierová, L.; Cajochen, C.; Scartezzini, J. -L.; Münch, M.

Optimized office lighting advances melatonin phase and peripheral heat loss prior bedtime Journal Article

In: Scientific Reports, vol. 12, pp. 4267, 2022.

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Birchler-Pedross, A.; Frey, S.; Cajochen, C.; Chellappa, S. L.

Circadian and sleep modulation of dreaming in women with major depression Journal Article

In: Clocks & Sleep, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 114-128, 2022.

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Cajochen, C.; Stefani, O.; Schöllhorn, I.; Lang, D.; Chellappa, S.

Influence of evening light exposure on polysomnographically assessed night-time sleep: A systematic review with meta-analysis Journal Article

In: Lighting Research & Technology, vol. 54, pp. 609-654, 2022.

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Gimenez, M.; Stefani, O.; Cajochen, C.; Lang, D.; Deuring, G.; Schlangen, L. J. M.

Predicting melatonin suppression by light in humans: unifying photoreceptor-based equivalent daylight illuminances, spectral composition, timing and duration of light exposure Journal Article

In: Journal of Pineal Research, 2022.

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Cajochen, C.; Weber, J.; Estrada, A. J.; Kobayashi, K.; Gabel, V.

Circadian and homeostatic sleep-wake regulation of secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA): Effects of environmental light and recovery sleep Journal Article

In: Brain, Behaviour, Immunity, & Health, pp. 100394, 2021.

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Spitschan, M.; Garbazza, C.; Kohl, S.; Cajochen, C.

Sleep and circadian phenotype in people without cone-mediated vision: a case series of five CNGB3 and two CNGA3 patients Journal Article

In: Brain Communications, 2021.

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Weibel, J.; Lin, Y. -S.; Landolt, H. -P.; Berthomier, C.; Brandenwinder, M.; Kistler, J.; Rehm, S.; Rentsch, K.; Meyer, M.; Borgwardt, S.; Cajochen, C.; Reichert, C. F.

Regular caffeine intake delays REM sleep promotion and attenuates sleep quality in healthy men Journal Article

In: Journal of Biological Rhythms, 2021.

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Stefani, O.; Cajochen, C.

Should We Re-think Regulations and Standards for Lighting at Workplaces? A Practice Review on Existing Lighting Recommendations Journal Article

In: Frontiers in psychiatry, vol. 12, 2021.

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Blume, C.; Cajochen, C.

‘SleepCycles’ package for R - A free software tool for the detection of sleep cycles from sleep staging Journal Article

In: MethodsX, 2021.

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Lin, Y. -S.; Weibel, J.; Landolt, H.; Santini, F.; Meyer, M.; Brunmair, J.; Meyer-Menches, S.; gerner, C.; Borgwardt, S.; Cajochen, C.; Reichert, C. F.

Daily Caffeine Intake Induces Concentration-Dependent Medial Temporal Plasticity in Humans: A Multimodal Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial Journal Article

In: Cerebral Cortex, 2021.

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Stefani, O.; Freyburger, M.; Veitz, S.; Basishvili, T.; Meyer, M.; Weibel, J.; Kobayashi, K.; Shirakawa, Y.; Cajochen, C.

Changing color and intensity of LED lighting across the day impacts on circadian melatonin rhythms and sleep in healthy men Journal Article

In: Journal of Pineal Research, vol. 70, 2020.

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Blume, C.; Schmidt, Marlene H.; Cajochen, C.

Effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on human sleep and rest-activity rhythms Journal Article

In: Current Biology, 2020.

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Eze, I. C.; Jeong, A.; Schaffner, E.; Rezwan, F. I.; Ghantous, A.; Foraster, M.; Vienneau, D.; F, F. Kronenberg; Herceg, Z.; Vineis, P.; Brink, M.; Wunderli, J. M.; Schindler, C.; Cajochen, C.; M, M. Röösli; Holloway, J. W.; Imboden, M.; Probst-Hensch, N.

Genome-Wide DNA Methylation in Peripheral Blood and Long-Term Exposure to Source-Specific Transportation Noise and Air Pollution: The SAPALDIA Study Journal Article

In: Environ Health Perspect, vol. 128, no. 6, pp. 67003, 2020.

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Hollinger, A.; von Felten, S.; Sutter, R.; Huber, J.; Tran, F.; Reinhold, S.; Abdelhamid, S.; Todorov, A.; Gebhard, C. E.; Cajochen, C.; Steiner, L. A; Siegemund, M.

Study Protocol for a Prospective Randomised Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial Investigating a Better Outcome With Melatonin Compared to Placebo Administered to Normalize Sleep-Wake Cycle and Treat Hypoactive ICU Delirium: The Basel BOMP-AID Study Journal Article

In: BMJ Open, 2020.

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Weibel, J.; Lin, Y. -S.; Landolt, H. -P.; Garbazza, C.; Kolodyazhniy, V.; Kistler, J.; Rehm, S.; Rentsch, K.; Borgwardt, S.; Cajochen, C.; Reichert, C. F.

Caffeine-dependent changes of sleep-wake regulation: Evidence foradaptation after repeated intake Journal Article

In: Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry, 2020.

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Chellappa, S. L.; Bromundt, V.; Frey, S.; Schlote, T.; Goldblum, D.; Cajochen, C.; Reichert, C. F.

Intraocular cataract lens replacement and light exposure potentially impact procedural learning in older adults Journal Article

In: 2020.

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Rudzik, F.; Thiesse, L.; Pieren, R.; Héritier, H.; Eze, I. C; Foraster, M.; Vienneau, D.; Brink, M.; Wunderli, J. M.; Probst-Hensch, N.; Röösli, M.; Fulda, S.; Cajochen, C.

Ultradian Modulation of Cortical Arousals During Sleep: Effects of Age and Exposure to Nighttime Transportation Noise Journal Article

In: Sleep, 2020.

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Spitschan, M.; Lazar, R.; Yetik, E.; Cajochen, C.

No evidence for an S cone contribution to acute neuroendocrine and alerting responses to light Journal Article

In: Current Biology, 2019.

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Spitschan, M.; Lazar, R.; Cajochen, C.

Visual and non-visual properties of filters manipulating short-wavelength light Journal Article

In: Ophthalmic Physiol Opt, 2019.

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Lasauskaite, R; Hazelhoff, E M; Cajochen, C.

Four minutes might not be enough for color temperature of light to affect subjective sleepiness, mental effort, and light ratings Journal Article

In: Lighting Research & Technology, vol. 51, iss. 7, pp. 1128–1138, 2019.

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Lasauskaite, R; Cajochen, C.

Influence of lighting color temperature on effort-related cardiac response Journal Article

In: Biological Psychology, vol. 132, pp. doi:10.1016/j.biopsycho.2017.11.005, 2018.

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Chellappa, S L; Lasauskaite, R; Cajochen, C.

In a Heartbeat: Light and Cardiovascular Physiology Journal Article

In: Frontiers in Neurology, vol. 8, pp. doi:10.3389/fneur.2017.00541, 2017.

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Gabel, V.; Reichert, C. F.; Maire, M.; Schmidt, C.; Schlangen, L. J. M.; Kolodyazhniy, V.; Garbazza, C.; Cajochen, C.; Viola, A. U.

Differential impact in young and older individuals of blue-enriched white light on circadian physiology and alertness during sustained wakefulness Journal Article

In: Scientific Reports, vol. 7, no. 7620, pp. doi:doi:10.1038/s41598-017-07060-8, 2017.

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Reichert, C. F.; Maire, M.; Gabel, V.; Viola, A. U.; Götz, T.; Scheffler, K.; Klarhöfer, M.; Berthomier, C.; Strobel, W.; Phillips, C.; Salmon, E.; Cajochen, C.; Schmidt, C.

Cognitive brain responses during circadian wake-promotion: evidence for sleep-pressure-dependent hypothalamic activations Journal Article

In: Scientific Reports, vol. 7, pp. doi:10.1038/s41598-017-05695-1, 2017.

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Reichert, C. F.; Maire, M.; Schmidt, C.; Cajochen, C.

Sleep-wake regulation and its impact on working memory performance: the role of adenosine Journal Article

In: Biology, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. E11. doi:10.3390/biology5010011., 2016.

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Garbazza, C.; Bromundt, V.; Eckert, A.; Brunner, D. P.; Meier, F.; Hackethal, S.; Cajochen, C.

Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder Revisited - A Case Study Journal Article

In: Front Neurol. 2016 Feb 29;7:17 doi: 10.3389/fneur.2016.00017, 2016.

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Schmidt, C.; Collette, F.; Reichert, C. F.; Maire, M.; Vandewalle, G.; Peigneux, P.; Cajochen, C.

Pushing the limits: chronotype and time of day modulate working memory-dependent cerebral activity Journal Article

In: Frontiers in Neurology, vol. 25, no. 6:199, pp. 1-9, 2015.

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Gabel, V.; Maire, M.; Reichert, C. F.; Chellappa, S. L.; Schmidt, C.; Hommes, V.; Cajochen, C.; Viola, A. U.

Dawn simulation light impacts on different cognitive domains under sleep restriction Journal Article

In: Behav Brain Res., doi: 10.1016/j.bbr.2014.12.043, vol. 15, pp. 281: 258-266, 2015.

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Maire, M.; Reichert, C. F.; Gabel, V.; Viola, A. U.; Phillips, C.; Krebs, J.; Scheffler, K.; Klarhöfer, M.; Strobel, W.; Cajochen, C.; Schmidt, C.

Fighting Sleep at Night: Brain Correlates and Vulnerability to Sleep Loss Journal Article

In: Ann Neurol., doi: 10.1002/ana.24434., vol. 78(2), pp. 235-247, 2015.

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vanderLely, S.; Frey, S.; Garbazza, C.; Wirz-Justice, A.; Jenni, O. G.; Steiner, R.; Wolf, S.; Cajochen, C.; Bromundt, V.; Schmidt, C.

Blue blocker glasses as a countermeasure for alerting effects of evening light-emitting diode screen exposure in male teenagers Journal Article

In: J Adolesc Health, doi: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2014.08.002, vol. 56(1), pp. 113-119, 2015.

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Reichert, C. F.; Maire, M.; Gabel, V.; Hofstetter, M.; Viola, A. U.; Kolodyazhniy, V.; Strobel, W.; Goetz, T.; Bachmann, V.; Landolt, H. -P.; Cajochen, C.; Schmidt, C.

The Circadian Regulation of Sleep: Impact of a Functional ADA-Polymorphism and Ist Association to Working Memory Journal Article

In: PLoS ONE, vol. 9, no. 12, pp. 1-23, 2014.

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