Dr. Ruta Lasauskaite

Ruta Lasauskaite

PhD, psychologist

Email: Ruta.Lasauskaite@upk.ch

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Publications by Ruta Lasauskaite

Lasauskaite, R.; Hazelhoff, E. M.; Cajochen, C.

Four minutes might not be enough for color temperature of light to affect subjective sleepiness, mental effort, and light ratings

Lighting Research & Technology, pp. doi: 10.1177/1477153518796700, 2018.


Lasauskaite, R.; Cajochen, C.

Influence of lighting color temperature on effort-related cardiac response

Biological Psychology, 132, pp. doi:10.1016/j.biopsycho.2017.11.005, 2018.

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Chellappa, S. L.; Lasauskaite, R.; Cajochen, C.

In a Heartbeat: Light and Cardiovascular Physiology

Frontiers in Neurology, 8, pp. doi:10.3389/fneur.2017.00541, 2017.

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