Project in the WWK Insurance Building in Munich

Science in culture: Rhythms and reflections life represented in architecture by the artist Andreas Horlitz.

Read the Nature acrticle: PDF

Anreas Horlitz monograph: PDF

Left and middle panels: Project in the Gerling Insurance Building in Düsseldorf. Seven years of actimetry from a single individual transferred to a 25 metre neon- lit round steel column.

Right panel: Project in the WWK Insurance Building in Munich.

Metal and glass light panels of actimetry throughout the ages of man: from a 6 month old baby, 4 and 8 year old children, a teenager, student, pregnant woman, 2 shiftworkers, a housewife, an office worker, a middle-aged jet-lagged manager, and 60, 83 and 95 year old subjects.

Andreas Horlitz has donated two works of art to the UPK Basel (PDF)

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