Protege Noctem (if darkness disappeared)

When Mattia Balsamini and Raffaele Panizza — authors of Protege Noctem — visited the Centre for Chronobiology in Basel to gain first-hand insights into our work in human research on light, chronobiology and sleep, we had no idea what the final artwork would look like.

Now we are delighted to share some impressions captured in our laboratory of this remarkable art project, which illuminates the many issues arising from a world without darkness and the diverse conglomerate of researchers working to understand and demonstrate the importance of natural light and darkness.

You can order a hard-cover copy of “Protege Noctem (if darkness disappeared)” here.

“Protege Noctem documents the alliance scientists and citizens have formed to rally against the disappearance of the night and its creatures.”

Mattia Balsamini & Raffaele Panizza

© All rights reserved by the authors.

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