Internship/ MSc project in caffeine and reward learning

Internship or MSc thesis in molecular psychology

ADoRe study is looking for two MSc students who are interested in doing an internship or a thesis in a topic of caffeine, reinforcement learning, and adenosine-dopamine interaction. In this double-blind randomized crossover study, we will investigate 1) whether reinforcement behaviors can be augmented by acute or daily caffeine intake, and 2) if the caffeine effect on reinforcement learning is preferentially through a direct or an indirect dopaminergic pathway.

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Online information on the EU SSL-erate project

SSL-erate is a 3-year coordination project that aims to accelerate the uptake of high-quality Solid State Lighting (SSL) technology in Europe by supporting open innovation and bringing validated information to all relevant stakeholders. At a higher level this coordinated European effort addresses a number of socio-economic challenges. Europe is faced with:

health, energy consumption, and resource effectiveness

the future development of the European lighting industry as outlined in the European Commission Green paper Lighting the Future

how to enable lighting solutions with a societal and environmental sustainability perspective, leading to a future in which Europe evolves to global leadership in SSL systems and solutions

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